December 2, 2020

AJ Downing Park

Wicked clever technology experts

The best cheap gaming PC deals of the week

8 min read
Picking up a cheap gaming PC deal can be a sweet, sweet way into gaming....

Picking up a cheap gaming PC deal can be a sweet, sweet way into gaming. On a PC. Cheaply. Seriously, though, for those that don’t fancy the task and work of building their own – kudos to you, it is a very satisfying thing to do if you’re that way inclined – we’ve rounded up a whole range of pre-built bargains (relatively speaking, of course) and there really is a larger choice of cheap gaming PC out there than ever before. 

From ray-tracing monsters to lightweight machines that will game while also being modest office or home machines, there is a cheap gaming PC for you out there – probably right now. We’ll see how many dip below that magical four-figure as this changes frequently, but you can definitely pick up a machine with a 16-series graphics card in for less than a thousand dollars or pounds. Whatever you want from a cheap gaming PC, though, you will avoid the portability premium which is added to all of the cheap gaming laptop deals out in the wild, where we see similar-specced builds go for far more. Copyright © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.