November 1, 2020

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Talk to Dr. Universe: Robots use complicated programming languages created on binary code

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Washington State University Dr. Universe: Do robots have their very own language? And is there...

Washington State University

Dr. Universe: Do robots have their very own language? And is there a translator? – Hank, 8, Virginia

Dear Hank,

Robots do have their have language – and indeed, there’s a translator.

That is what I identified out from my buddy Manoj Karkee, an engineer at Washington State College who also is definitely curious about robots.

Karkee and his workforce function on lots of robots that assist farmers do essential employment. They can system robots to do distinct jobs these types of as pick apples or pull weeds.

Robots are equipment that use laptop languages to get the job done. But this language is different than the one particular people use.

The English language, for example, is made up of a lot more than 100,000 terms, which are created up of just 26 setting up blocks named letters. Robot languages are constructed on just two fundamental setting up blocks.

“In a extremely primary kind, desktops, and for that issue robots, run with types and zeroes,” Karkee stated.

You might think of these types and zeroes type of like a light-weight change. The ones and zeroes assist personal computers know how to send out a current of electric power through robots or other electronics.

Zero stands for “off.” A person stands for “on.” It’s all portion of the binary technique. In binary, for illustration, the variety 1 is “0001” and the quantity 2 is “0010” and the variety 3 is “0011.”

The mixture of kinds and zeroes also can signify letters to variety words and phrases like “Hi.” The cash letter “H,” for case in point, is published as 01001000 in binary. The lowercase letter “I” is penned as “01101001.” But there’s a bit of a capture.

“These days when we have to inform robots to do a thing, we really don’t deliver ones and zeroes,” Karkee claimed. “We provide a set of guidance in a language that is not like our human language but that human beings can have an understanding of.”

Lots of unique pc researchers during human history have labored with people types and zeroes to make far more sophisticated robot languages. These are known as programming languages. Karkee and his group experienced to produce a particular system, for illustration, to assistance the robots pick apples.

Karkee explained that building robot and laptop packages requires a great deal of math. So, if you want to application or build robots 1 working day, it is critical to exercise those math capabilities.

But the really hard get the job done pays off, primarily when you get to construct a little something new and remarkable that can enable persons do important items. Humans have programmed some robots to talk in human languages. Other people today have programmed robots to translate human languages.

“Robots and other personal computer plans can act as a translator of human language. There are clever programs that can translate English into Spanish or Spanish to Nepali,” he explained.

Of study course, it took the perform of programmers to inform the robots how to do that process in the very first spot.

Who is aware of, probably a person working day you will assist us generate new languages for robots or arrive up with strategies to transform our entire world? You may just turn out to be a translator on your own – connecting individuals to the earth of robotics.


Dr. Universe

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