Ragnarok’ launch date may perhaps reveal a huge Teenager Wolf twist

On September 16, Sony Santa Monica Studio at last copped to one of the worst-saved techniques in the online games field — God of War: Ragnarok is at present in improvement, and slated for a 2021 release on PlayStation 5. The 2018 game was the fourth in the well-known series, and observed an older, wiser Kratos wrangle his elaborate partnership to his gangly tween son, Atreus. Even though the Ragnarok reveal didn’t clearly show us any footage of the figures or gameplay, we have loads of clues about what to expect in the subsequent installment, thanks to the prior match and the new title. And you will find already a ton of evidence to advise that Atreus is heading to go via some fairly spectacular changes from the weedy kiddo of the initial game.

Ending spoilers forward for God of War (2018).

4. He is probable to be a shapeshifter — At the tail finish of the last recreation, Atreus realized that his expensive departed mother experienced one more, mystery title for him: Loki. You don’t will need to have taken a class on Norse mythology in school to know what the MCU and Tom Hiddleston have previously taught us — Loki is a wily little weasel, a learn of cunning, and mainly constantly up to some frustrating shit. In the resource myths, a ton of individuals hijinks hinged on Loki’s means to consider the variety of animals and even other human beings.

The initial detail Atreus asks Kratos after studying he’s truly a god is “Can I flip into an animal?” This is probably our biggest clue about what’s to appear for Boy in the journeys in advance.A wee little bit of foreshadowing.Santa Monica Studio

We’ve presently seen him summon many animal familiars in battle, including wolves, deer, and bears. He can also speak to animals, like Brok’s beast of load, Freya’s turtle-home point, and even the entire world serpent Jörmungandr. (Extra on him afterwards.)

3. There is gonna be a time skip — The “top secret” ending of the 2018 game sees Atreus have a prophetic dream, exactly where Thor arrives at Kratos and Atreus’s home searching for bloody revenge for the fatalities of Magni and Modi. This scene requires area around three decades later, at the close of Fimbulwinter. Brok commented that this interval of heavy snow and blizzards experienced kicked off soon after Baldur’s loss of life, and Fimbulwinter is basically the pre-sport exclusive for Ragnarok, the complete annihilation of all the 9 Realms.

Even though the game doesn’t condition this outright — at minimum, not that I can recall — Atreus is about eleven or twelve yrs aged in God of War, judging from his appearance. It can be truthful to believe that he is going to get greater, more powerful, and a little bit more comfortable with his godly abilities within the room of a few years. But, he is nonetheless heading to be a teen, and inclined to all the hormonal mood swings that entails. Which brings us to our following stage…Just like Daddy!Santa Monica Studio

2. He’s a warm-tempered lad — While Atreus is a whole lot a lot more bookish, considerate, and personable than Kratos, he has 1 major matter in frequent with his dear previous father: Spartan Rage. In the last activity, Magni and Modi had been ready to power Atreus to hulk out by insulting the boy’s lifeless mother.

Though it is really truthful to think that Atreus will have a better grasp of this potential by the time God of War: Ragnarok kicks off, uncontrolled rage is type of the entire position in this article. From a pragmatic gameplay perspective, it would make perception to have Atreus completely transform into an animal once his Spartan Rage is activated. Supplying Atreus an ass-kicking arsenal on par with that of Kratos is a really intriguing prospect, and it’s probable Ragnarok will let us to swap involving managing both of those father and son as playable people, relatively than Atreus occupying a support part.

1. The chronology of Norse myth is strange — We have not even talked about the largest wolf in the space still: Fenrir. If you’ve played Final Fantasy games, you’ve almost certainly heard of this person just before, and he’s mentioned a handful of instances in God of War. In essence, Fenrir is a large wolf. He also transpires to be Loki’s son, fated to destroy Odin in the course of Ragnarok.

Many thanks to the circular nature of functions in Norse myth, we presently know a further of Loki’s sons: Jörmungandr the earth serpent. According to Mimir, Jörmungandr and Thor are prophecied to combat in the course of Ragnarok. Thor will whallop the significant snake so darn tough, Jörmungandr will be despatched again in time to a time period prior to his delivery.

While I don’t think it truly is specifically possible God of War: Ragnarok will see Atreus/Loki acquiring married and having some offspring, you can find a fertile discipline of references to participate in with. It’s possible Fenrir would not be Loki’s son in the regular perception, but it is really incredibly very likely this massive shaggy boy is heading to present grace our screens in 2021.

God of War: Ragnarok will come to PS5 in 2021.

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