Programming Full Form: Important Full Forms Of Programming Languages

Acronym WordFull Form
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript And XML
ALGOALGOrithmic Language
ASPActive Server Pages
BASICBeginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BCPLBasic combined programming language
CFMLCold fusion markup language
COBOLCommon Business Oriented Language
CSSCascading Style Sheet
CSSCascading Style Sheet
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
J2EEJava 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
JSPJava Server Pages
LISPLISt Processing
MS WINDOWSMicroSoft Wide Interactive Networking Development for Office Work Solutions
ORACLEOak Ridge Analytical and Common Logical Engine
PERLPractical Extraction Reporting Language
PHPHypertext Preprocessor
PROLOGPROgramming in LOGic
SAPSystem Analysis and Programming
SQLStructured Query Language
VBSVisual Basic Scripting Language
VFPVisual FoxPro
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
XSLEXtensible Stylesheet Language

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