July 24, 2021

AJ Downing Park

Wicked clever technology experts

Netflix’s videogame history collection avoids some typical mainstream game protection blunders

5 min read

With a generic identify like “High Score,” I envisioned Netflix’s documentary series about videogame historical past to be the type of fluff that regularly details out how a lot video games matter. Did you know that videogames make much more income than Hollywood? That thousands and thousands of people check out youngsters compete in League of Legends tournaments? That type of matter.

Effectively, who am I, at Pc Gamer, to complain about generic titles? I was amazed. I watched the two episodes of Significant Score that have to do with Computer system gaming—the third episode, which is about RPGs, and the very last episode, which is partly about id Software—and they were not like that. They weren’t great, but they at the very least defied some of the traditions of mainstream videogame coverage. 

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